All Marine Engine Repair Service has a dedicated professional machinist with all the proper equipment to re-machine your outboard motor block to make it like new.   We give you choices for your re-build from a standard re-build to a complete internal engine upgrade with the finest internal performance parts in the industry like Wiseco Forged Pistons, Pro-X Pistons, Boyeson Reeds Hot Rods, Land & Sea  to name a few.  Of course, these upgrades are more expensive, but some people really love their boat motor. 
 Most of our outboard motor rebuilds run between $1200-$4000 for larger outboards and that includes replacing the cooling system components like water pump and thermostats as well as rebuilding your carb/fuel pump, re-jetting for ethanol and tuning the engine.  We include a follow up and a little “outboard education” as well.
Did you know that your boat can gain up to 10 mph if properly tuned? It will also use less fuel.
Have you priced a new Outboard Motor lately?  No one gives your outboard motor the attention that we do. We are not “parts changers”. We actually diagnose your outboard & find the problem.  Older & obsolete motors such as Force, Suzuki and the old Mercury Inline Six are no problem. We can also rebuild any make or model of an outboard motor or drive on a fraction of the cost of the dealer or replacement motor. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years.  So if they told you your motor was “burned up” or you have a “bad piston” or whatever they told you, call us. This is what we do. 
We fix it because they don’t want to!

Who wants to pay for a new outboard motor?  If you are like us, you would probably rather keep paying your real bills.  After we fix your motor we can teach you how to take proper care of it and what to watch for so you can avoid costly repairs in the future.
Different makes and models of outboard motors have problems specific to themselves like that Merc 20-25 hp idling problem or the hard to start older OMC V-4. 
Perhaps you own a 3 or 4 cylinder Inline 60-125 hp Mercury that likes to shake around at low speed. Maybe you own one of the cantankerous Merc Inline Sixes that “always ran well until lately”.
There is a ton of others that have their specific problems – we know them all. 
We fix them all!
40-60 hp Merc L-3 catch on fire at the regulator?
Burn a piston in your 2.5 Merc?
Blow a ring off your OMC V-4?

Yeah, we can fix that
We’ve seen just about everything.
Your outboard motor is no stranger to us.