Lancaster PA Inboard/Outboard Boat Repair
Outboard Boat Repair

We repair Mercruiser, OMC Sterndrive, Colora, SX Drives, Volvo Penta,Yamaha Sterndrives, even the weird Force L-Drive (which was a very bad invention).

We can quickly diagnose outdrive problems and try to make the repair as simple and painless as possible.  We have no problem working on any stern drive system as we have repaired all of them.

We do not have a preference with stern drives, some are designed better in our opinion and some are designed worse, but most modern or post modern stern drives are designed well enough to stand the “test of time” over the entire lifespan of your boat if cared for properly.  Proper care, diagnosis and repair of stern drive engines is very important.  There are some things that “break” on stern drives that do not adversely affect the performance of the boat or outdrive, such as trim sending unit or a chipped or slightly broken skeg but there are many things that can go wrong that are very serious and should not be ignored. For example, shifting problems or water in the outdrive oil or gear oil leakage.  Any rumbling or grinding noises should always be checked out as they are almost always a sign of a much more serious problem that should be repaired.  Just because the outdrive is working does not mean that it’s healthy.  After all, the outdrive is the weakest and most “exposed” part of the whole boat.  Taking care of your outdrive and it’s related components will keep your boating season from being cut short or ruined altogether.

So if you trashed the upper gears in your Mercruiser, Alpha, or Pre Alpha outdrive, that’s ok.  If your OMC Stern drive leaks oil, that’s ok too.

Can’t find anyone to work on your Volvo?

Can’t find anyone who will touch your Velvet Drive or marine transmission?

Have water in your drive or some other serious problem?

Yeah, we work on those!

Cracked Block?

Give us a call!

Did you know that some 4 & 6 cylinder inline motors that have cracks can be repaired?  Sometimes without even pulling the motor.

We rebuild engines from the lowly but tried and true Mercruiser 120/140 up to those high performance 572Cu. In. big block off-shore motors.