PWC and JetSki

Did you find out how hard it is to get someone to repair your PWC/Jet Ski without taking out a 2nd mortgage? The
manufacturer doesn’t want you to rebuild or fix your old motor.They want you to buy a new one.

No, you don’t have to drop 10-20k on a new one. Until it burned a piston, the old one ran just fine for years. We will make it run just fine again. We rebuild PWC/Jet Ski Motors and modify them to burn this new junk they call gasoline (Ethanol). It’s much cheaper than buying a remanufactured motor.

Have you tried taking your 98’ model to a dealer? Try it sometime. Call them and tell them you have a burned piston and want it fixed. Take it in and see what they say. We, however, have been working on PWC’s since the first stand up came out in the 70’s.

It’s cheaper to fix what you have.

Ethanol Fuel greatly effects Jet Ski’s 2 or 4 stroke engines. With a little tuning 2-Stroke Jet Skis can burn it safely. Even current non-ethanol gas is not good for 2 strokes. We don’t stop boating because of Ethanol. We adjust your engines to safely burn it.

Unfortunately, because of their fuel injection systems, there isn’t much we can do to modify your 4-stroke ski engine. We do, however, keep up regular maintenance programs and have other recommendations that help keep the problems minimal.

Did your Sea Doo fall on it’s face when you hit the gas?
Yamaha doesn’t want to idle or goes much slower?
Is your Kawasaki or Polaris being stubborn or testy?
Are you the only person left who owns a Tigershark?

Yeah, we work on those too

Jet Boat/Jet Drives

How about those Jet-Drives? We are an Outboard Jets Dealer so you don’t have to go back to the original dealer to get your Jet-Drive parts.

We work on:
Mercury Sport Jets
OMC Turbo Jets
Outboard Jets
Berkeley Jets
And other Jet Drives that some never heard of

Did your Jet Drive over heat? Is your Merc Sport Jet temperature alarm sounding when you are idling? Or did you just plain “tear it up”?