About Us

All Marine Engine Repair Service is a marine engine service/repair and rebuild shop only.  We do sell some accessories, but we do not sell life jackets, if you know what I mean. We have 3 other well trained marine mechanics that have been working on marine engines and personal watercraft for years. 
 We do not expect you to be rich to own or repair your boat or PWC.  Most of our customers are ordinary working people like us. We won’t surprise you with a huge bill after your boat is repaired.  We try to estimate your repair as accurately as possible.  If we find any major or more expensive problems WE WILL CALL YOU FIRST and explain it to you.  If you’d like, you can come down and we can show you as well.
How many boat repair shops do that?  
Sometimes minor problems seem/sound serious.  Likewise, sometimes major problems can sound minor when your engine is runningDon’t try to guess. We don’t.  We can estimate some stuff over the phone, but this is very hard without seeing the motor.  If you call us to replace the water pump in your 25 hp Merc, or 200 hp Evinrude, we can usually tell you, however, if you call us because your motor is making a funny noise and your alarm is going off and by the way your speedometer does not work and you need to change the “cable thingy” we need to see that for ourselves.
There are so many overlooked problems with marine engines, no wonder people get stuck on the water waiting for a tow.
If you came here for a carb rebuild, we won’t only do that, we will check your whole motor for other problems that need attention, and then call you. We don’t fix what is not broken. We do fix what is just about to break though.  Nobody likes to have their boat in the shop and certainly not more than one time in a season.  So let’s avoid future breakdowns with simple preventative repairs.
We are the “go to” shop.  We have done numerous repairs for dealerships and other marinas in the past, and still do. We can work on what no one else wants to or can.  We take your boat engine and your budget seriously and we give you repair options. There are many alternatives to a new engine or ski.
You may have used us in the past, you may not have.  We haven’t really advertised much before as word of mouth was always good enough.  Nowadays, though, a business needs to be on the internet, so here we are.
Call us.  Give us a try. We will not just “hang” parts on your motor.
 We won’t take advantage of you.  We will just fix your boat.
If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 717-336-0081 or 410-949-0761.